Home Microdermabrasion Kit

One thing that is often commented on with regard to microdermabrasion is the cost. Many people say that they like the sound of the treatment – or at least the effects that it has – but that a treatment which can run close to a thousand pounds for a full series of visits is somewhat beyond their limit for an elective procedure. This explains the rise in popularity of home microdermabrasion kits, which are now freely available.

Are home microdermabrasion kits as trustworthy as treatment in a spa or clinic?

The short answer to that question is, regrettably, “no”. However, this is not to say that they are useless or even that they do not have their place. As has been mentioned, treatments in a spa or clinic will cost a significant amount. Home kits tend to come in at about a third of the cost. How effective they are will depend on how well you, or a patient friend, perform the treatment. Even then, different kits will get different results. There is no “best” brand for this.
It is worth doing some comparison shopping on a few consumer sites which will contain reviews of the best home microdermabrasion kits. Although the same kit will have a different effect on two different customers, there are usually fairly standard differences which make it easy to decide which will be the best for you. One might be better for oily skin, another better for patchy skin, and so forth – but from reading the reviews you should get an idea of which kit will work best for you.

One side-effect which is mentioned quite regularly with home microdermabrasion kits is that users can suffer acne breakouts in the aftermath of using them. This, unfortunately, is something of a touch-and-go case. It might happen, although it should not. As long as you follow the instructions on the kit, there should be no problem as long as you don’t expect the same results that you would get at a professional spa. If you follow all the instructions and find that the effects have been less than stellar, you can always write to the company – they may be willing to compensate you if you are dissatisfied.