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You probably landed on this site because you’re looking for NuBrilliance microdermabrasion reviews after you saw the infomercial or, maybe, you heard about the product from a friend or relative. Well, you’ve come to the right place! I’m not one to believe everything that I see in those infomercials and I not only like researching on the internet, I’m pretty good at it.
During my research I looked at everything that I could find including the NuBrilliance company website, other reviews, consumers comments, news and other media. In this article, I’ll tell you what I found, both good and bad.Nu Brilliance

Nu Brilliance(TM) Microdermabrasion SystemWhat Makes NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion Different?

There are several microdermabrasion systems available on the market today, so why is NuBrilliance different from the other ones?
According to the company’s website, the NuBrilliance microdermabrasion system uses a dual action therapy, which is a combined process of crystal free diamond exfoliation and suction. Their website also claims that their product is the first and only microdermabrasion system made for home use that has these features.

This may have been true when the NuBrilliance’s website was created, but during my research, I have found at least one other home microdermabrasion system that has both the crystal free diamond exfoliation and suction features. It is quite possible that NuBrilliance was the first to have these features.What are the Major Benefits of NuBrilliance?
Their website states that the product is doctor approved. It also appears that this product has adjustments that can be used since each person’s skin is different. For instance, the suction level can be adjusted and there are different diamond tips available that can be used for specific purposes. At this time, I have not been able to find any other home microdermabrasion system that has the adjustable suction feature.

There is no doubt that microdermabrasion can be beneficial for your skin, but having it done at a spa or dermatologist’s office can become quite expensive over time. So, the major benefit of any home microdermabrasion system is the cost and, simply, the ability to be able to do this at home and at your convenience. NuBrilliance microdermabrasion system provides you with an instructional DVD along with the product. The company has also done a very good job on their website. There is a FAQ section and a set of instructional videos that are very nicely done, although some of these videos could be a little larger in size.
Currently, NuBrilliance offers a 30 trial for $14.95 which is avaiable at their website ( If you purchase the product after the trial period, it comes with a 1-year warranty and you make 3 payments of $79.95. If you are not happy with the product, you should be able to return it at no extra cost.

If you purchase the NuBrilliance microdermabrasion system “outright” (no trial) for $239.85, the product comes with a 3-year warranty instead of the 1-year warranty. I have not found any other microdermabrasion system that offers more than a 1-year warranty. There is no mention of free shipping, so it’s best to assume that shipping is an additional charge that will be added to your order.Are Customers Getting Results?

If you’ve been to NuBrilliance’s website, you’ve seen all the testimonials, but are they real? That’s always one of my questions. I really want to know what real users think about the product and what kind of results did they get, so I did some searching and I’m pleasantly surprised that the overall consensus was positive. That’s always a good sign. Below you can see a small section of some of the reviews that I found –

I’ve been using this product for about 2 months now, and Its a good product for at home use. I really really love what it does to my skin. I use it 2 to 3 times per week, and my skin is awsome in the mornings, smooth, soft, and beautiful, dark spots have faded…” KWilliams – Amazon

my pores in my cheeks are SMALLER way SMALLER … my nose which was always oily and full of black heads is now ALWAYS clean …” Yameliz – Amazon

I could see that it really did pick up some dead skin. My face was pink and glowy afterwards. I was quite amazed that I could use this on my neck, so I did, I did not have any irritation…”

I have a one inch long, 2 shade darker-than-my-face spot right on my right cheek and I noticed a 15% difference on my second use of Nu Brillance…”
Now, I did find some unhappy reviews and they all seemed to be in one primary area – the loss or reduction of suction power after a few weeks or so, but there does appear to be a couple of quite reasonable explanations for this.
Firstly, some of your skin cells may get stuck between the casing and tip over time. This “cloggage” will reduce the unit’s suction power. One user’s solution to this was to clean the clogged area with a toothpick resulting in the suction returning back to normal.

Secondly, apparently, there is something like a small rubber band that fits into the groove of the wand and it is easily dislodged. If this band is not in its proper place, suction power will be reduced. One user lost the band so she just replaced it with a tiny rubber band that she got at a local store.Where to Buy NuBrilliance?
Right now, probably the best place to buy NuBrilliance is at Amazon, which has a very respectable reputation when it comes to customer service and usually has the best price available.

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