Professional microdermabrasion vs home_microdermabrasion

If you are tired of those scars and marks on your face and you miss the days when you had a glowing skin free from any scars, you have the choice to get it back. Yes, you read that right! The solution is microdermabrasion. This term refers to the process of exfoliating the skin with crystals or diamond tips such that the outermost layer of the skin is removed. The inner layer that appears is fresh, a lot healthier and scar free.

But, a professional microdermabrasion would cost you around $200. And, you can’t achieve good results in just one go. You have to take this treatment multiple times over a period of six months so as to achieve the final results. This means that you have to spend all your savings just to get your old skin back. Affording this much is not everyone’s cup of tea. That is why, At Home Microdermabrasion kits have been made available by various companies. But, the big question here is – do these kits really work? And, if they ever work, are they as much effective as the professional treatment? Does the difference in cost also appear in the quality of service?Professional Microdermabrasion is Not Always the Best Option

You would see that the at home microdermabrasion would not bring dramatic results like the professional microdermabrasion does. This is because the latter treatment follows a more aggressive approach than the former one. If you want to strip off your skin completely and get rid of all the scars and fine lines on your face, go for the professional microdermabrasion as the home treatment isn’t going to provide you those kinds of results anyway.

But, the professional microdermabrasion might cause irritation to some people if they have very sensitive skin. This is because they use tools to clean away the dead skin cells and encourage the growth of new ones artificially. However, at home kits are gentle in approach and they do not cause irritation. Even if they fail to remove the scars and blemishes, they would definitely provide a lighter complexion and a softer skin.

How to Select Quality at –home kits?

Everyone’s skin is different. So, if one of your friend recently tried an At Home Microdermabrasion kit and she got awesome skin, this does not mean that you should order the same kit today and get the same kind of results tomorrow. Instead, the same kit might put you in trouble. Hence, it is required that you properly research what kind of skin you have and what is the quantity of scars and marks on your face before you go for ordering a kit. Do not forget to read the reviews of people who have used a particular kit before ordering one. The at-home kits would produce weaker results than the professional treatment as no vacuum is provided for removing away the dead skin cells completely.

Cost of At-home Microdermabrasion

If you have finally decided to go for at-home treatment rather than the professional one, you have two choices. Either you can order a cream/scrub or you can order a microdermabrasion machine. The machine is costlier but it would treat the skin just like a professional dermatologist. Creams would cost you around $10 – $95, depending on the brand you choose and the microdermabrasion machines would cost you around $150 – $300. But, you would need to buy the creams again and again and the machine is just for a single buy.

The Final Word

If you are still confused whether you should go for professional microdermabrasion or you should try it at home, consider this – You are not going to strip off your skin two times a week. The maximum you can do it is for once a week. So, you can try the at home kits for once. And if you feel like you want more dramatic results, you can go for professional treatment. If you have just a little bit scars but you want to get rid of them, try to go for the at-home kits rather than spending a lot of money for the professional treatment.