Risks Of Microdermabrasion

Life is full of little risks, and although there are some people who consider themselves risk-averse and seek to avoid any kind of risk at any time, the truth is that you can’t go through life like that. If you aim to avoid every risk you can possibly foresee, you will end up being caught out by one you never could have. So it is no criticism of microdermabrasion to highlight some of the risks from the process. This is not done as an effort to put anyone off the idea, rather as a consideration that allows you to be prepared.

Knowing Risks of Microdermabrasion

The first thing you will want to make sure of is that you have the treatment done in a good clinic – and not just because this means it will be done well. By “good” we don’t just mean “skilled”. It is just as important that the clinic be clean and sterile, because the treatment is going to strip away one of your natural defences against infection. Have a look around the clinic before you ever hand over any money. You can tell a lot even from the lobby of the building as to whether this is the kind of place you want to have what is a fairly intimate treatment.
Additionally, it is important to be aware of risks of microdermabrasion you can defend against yourself. If you are having microdermabrasion which involves the use of crystals, try to make sure you keep your mouth and eyes closed as much as possible during the process. It may sound ridiculous, but people going for the treatment have reported problems with coughing and vision problems when the corundum crystals have got into places they shouldn’t have.
The final thing that you should be aware of is that if you are having microdermabrasion sessions shortly before going on holiday somewhere hot and sunny, you should at the very least use a higher protection factor of sun cream on the treated area. As this is newer skin, it will be more exposed to the elements and it is important to avoid this ruining your holiday by burning easily and becoming irritated.