why microdermabrasion works ?

Microdermabrasion is one of the most popular elective treatments that a person can have today. A study carried out in America three short years ago noted that it was among the five most requested cosmetic treatments at spas and surgeries – and this in the age of Botox. It is widely known, or at least the word is familiar to many people. Fewer people know what it entails, although the others can make a relatively educated guess. What may not be so well known is why it works as wel as it does. People who have undergone a course of microdermabrasion report that their friends comment favourably upon their appearance – so why microdermabrasion works so well?
There is a series of stages by which microdermabrasion affects such an outward improvement on those who undergo the treatment. The first of these stages is visible immediately after the first treatment. The skin looks healthier and smoother. The major reason for this is that the top layer of skin being abraded away results, instantly, in the production of more new skin cells. The cells themselves are larger, and knit together more smoothly because they are still alive.
Dryness of skin is something that we have come to see as a bad thing, and treatments exist for the express purpose of removing dried skin from the face and body. However, in the first 24 hours after microdermabrasion this is less of a concern. Being near the surface allows the new layer of skin to dry out, and as a consequence the skin is less oily than it might otherwise be, giving it a more delicate appearance. It is because this effect is so short-lived that the common advice is to have more than one treatment, taking seven to ten days in between.
After a course of treatments – typically as many as six – the skin will look more youthful because it will effectively have been renewed, removing the old skin from the surface and generating an entirely new outer layer of skin which is more coherent, fresher and clearer. After this, it is entirely up to the individual whether to keep having the treatment or to have a new, dedicated skincare regime